It's Your Idea. You're proud of the work you put into it and now you're ready to take the next step.

CE3 Electronics offers advanced technical expertise both in PCBA Layout and Design for Manufacturability. Quantity requirements are what you say they should be. Prototyping services require no minimum order quantity.

More importantly, your Intellectual Property stays right where it should be, with you!

Whether you require a Prototype to present in a business case or for Proof of Concept, CE3 Electronics can help to bring your idea to market and beyond.

Equipped with the intricate manufacturing details of your idea, CE3 Electronics is the best choice for volume manufacturing.

  • High density component placement capabilities with fine pitch TQFP, BGA, and 0201 chip presets
  • Complex double-sided PCBA Assembly
  • Flexible Circuit Assembly
  • Test capabilities available such as In-Circuit, Functional and Power-Up Tests
  • Strict adherence to Environmentally Controlled Antistatic manufacturing conditions