Partnership Benefits

We recognize that every customer has a different set of requirements and is looking for a different degree of manufacturing support. At CE3 Electronics, we understand and appreciate this reality.

Our goal is to offer the highest degree of communication, flexibility and a willingness to explore every avenue in order to obtain customer specific solutions that fulfill your manufacturing needs. Our in-house Design Engineers are available to assist in getting your Project off the ground and on its way. From there, vertical integration in manufacturing allows us to understand your Project's intricate details better that anyone except you, giving us an opportunity to offer recommendations on improving costs and manufacturing efficiencies.

Whether you wish to have complete control of your inventory or prefer to have someone manage your Project entirely, CE3 Electronics offers full and partial turnkey solutions with all inventory under tight control using MISys MRP software.

Allowable quantity requirements at CE3 Electronics range from 1 prototype to mass production quantities of 1,000,000 or more assembled PCB's per year.

From System Design solutions to mass production, with its many years of high level manufacturing expertise, CE3 Electronics can help guide you through the entire process. Our experienced team is passionate in finding the best value-added solutions for you from Market Entry to Market Competitiveness.