Design for Manufacturability

Our in-house Design, Engineering, Purchasing, Production and Quality teams work very closely and can help you reduce risk and accelerate your path to volume production. DFM comes as second nature to us and with a production mindset aimed towards efficiency, we will ensure that manufacturing costs are kept to a minimum while reducing risk of exposure to potential issues in production or testing. Below are a few factors we incorporate in our Design process:

1. Component Selection and Positioning

Component selection, position and board layout determine what percentage of assembly is done by hand or by robotic placement which is far less costly. Robotic operation can be either pick-and-place for surface-mount components or selective-solder for thru-hole. Component selection or position can also help with ease of access for volume testing or repair later in the field.

2. Supply Chain

We provide the means to bring in certified, quality components from approved suppliers at reasonable cost for both materials and shipping. We are also wary of lead times and end of life components which is an issue that can lead to very long manufacturing delays or significant expense in requiring an engineering workaround to the affected product.

3. Programming, Serialization, Testing and Final Assembly

Our Design team develops with mass production in mind. Whether your project requires basic PCB population or a full turnkey solution, we will consider the requirements and potential challenges in programming, serialization and testing. We have the experience and capability to build high-speed functional test fixtures with database connection which is a great asset for traceability, optimization and quality control. Additionally, component tolerance and ease of rapid final assembly are amongst other important factors that we take into account during the design process.