EMC Pre-Compliance

CE3 Electronics has an active research and development team whose focus is not only on developing new technologies, but also on the latest standards and environmental requirements within which electronic systems must operate. This is especially important for complex systems and those that require agency or regulatory approvals. Our team is dedicated to solving the challenging EMI problems and meeting the stringent Conducted and Radiated Emissions requirements. We have a fully operational EMC anechoic chamber and can provide a wide range of system performance and compatibility measurements under the two major categories of:

  • Emissions, where an electronic system will undergo series of tests in an anechoic chamber so as to map areas of violation on the electromagnetic spectrum with respect to a number of FCC, IC, CISPR, MIL-STD and IEC threshold requirements; and.

  • Immunity (partial), where an EUT will be subject to conducted and radiated disturbances so as to gauge its reliability and performance near harsh electromagnetic fields

We make these efforts to ascertain robust designs and more importantly, reduce the significant cost of sporadic field failure, product recall and the full-compliance laboratory visits where applicable.