Design for Manufacturability



Our in-house Design Engineering and Production Engineering Teams have the capability and expertise to handle most any design challenge while insuring that manufacturing costs for the design are kept to an absolute minimum. With a production mindset always aimed towards efficiency and cost reduction measures, designing for manufacturability comes as second nature to us.

CE3 Electronics incorporates the following key DFM attributes:


1. Component Selection

Component Selection and board layout determine whether assembly is done by hand or by robotic placement which is far less costly. Robotic placement can be either pick and place for surface mount components or selective solder for thru-hole. Component selection can also incorporate component orientation for ease of access for repair later on in the field.


2. Component Availability

A key factor in designing for manufacturability, component availability provides the means to bring in certified, quality components from approved suppliers at reasonable cost for both materials and shipping. Another aspect to component availability is to be wary of end of life product. This issue can lead to very long manufacturing delays and significant expense in requiring an engineering work around to the EOL product. 


3. Programming, Serialization, Testing and Final Assembly

CE3 Electronics Engineering designs with "Concept to Completion" in mind. Whether your Project requires basic PCB population or a complete Turnkey solution, the CE3 DFM process takes into account the potential requirement for programming, serialization and testing. In addition strict tolerance assurance and ease of rapid final assembly are always included as important aspects under the umbrella "CE3 Electronics Design for Manufacturability".






CE3 Electronics offers full board level and system design services. Certification Ratings include ISO9001:2015, AS9100D (Aerospace),IPC-A-610 (Class I, II and III), 

IPC/WHMA-A-620A (Class I,II and III) and Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate certification (CGD).


Innovation through design, people & technology 


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