Design Engineering Process



Throughout its almost 30 year history, CE3 Electronics has been engaged in a wide variety of control and systems design engineering applications. Today, CE3 Electronics continues to be a leader in complex electronic and electrical systems development.

Our in-house Design Engineering Team has been responsible for bringing countless solutions to market and enhancing existing products in market segments such as:



- Air and Heat Exchangers

- Gas and Oil Boiler Control Systems

- Ultrasonic Devices

- Contaminant Sensing and Air Purification

- Solar Power and Geothermal Power Control Systems

- Graphical Thermostat Controls

- LED Lighting Applications

- Water and Sewage Monitoring Systems

- Electronic Signage Controllers

- Switch Mode Power Applications

- GPS Enabled Systems




1. Project Definition

Electronic Design Engineering can begin with a request for variation on an existing product or if it's a new product concept, a detailed Description of Operation is required. This information will allow our in-house Engineering Team to map out a sequence of events and gain perceived functionality of the product.


2. Preliminary Engineering Research

Once full functionality and features are disclosed, CE3 Electronics Engineering will then research applicable components, materials, technology and software options best suited for your project design configuration.


3. Design Proposal Submission and Proposal Acceptance

With a firm idea as to what materials to use established, CE3 Engineering will then provide and approximate number of hours estimated to complete the layout and manufacture of the project's assembled PCB as well as create the required software. These calculations are then prepared for you in Proposal format. If our Design Proposal is deemed equitable, terms are finalized and project development begins!


4. Product Development and Manufacture of Prototypes

At this stage, CE3 Engineering is in full stride and the first working models are derived. If successful, prototypes are recommended, manufactured and tested for Power Up and Functionality.


5. Field Testing and Final Revisions

With prototypes completed, CE3 Electronics will review the final results with the Client to determine whether further testing is required and if any additional hardware or software adjustments are necessary.


6. Production

Because CE3 Electronics has been involved from the very beginning, we will already know the complexities of your Project from A to Z because Production, Production Engineering and Quality Management will have already played their part in Design Development and Prototyping. With genuine customer commitment and extremely competitive pricing, when it's time for volume production, CE3 Electronics is the obvious pick as your manufacturing supplier of choice.









CE3 Electronics offers full board level and system design services. Certification Ratings include ISO9001:2015, AS9100D (Aerospace),IPC-A-610 (Class I, II and III), 

IPC/WHMA-A-620A (Class I,II and III) and Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate certification (CGD).


Innovation through design, people & technology 


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