Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing the highest quality assembled PCB's requires substantial investments in tooling and equipment in order to achieve consistent and exceptional results.

Stencil Printers

SMT Placement Robots

Multi Stage Reflow Ovens

Dessicator Cabinets

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Units

X-Ray Inspection Units

Selective Solder Systems                     

Leaded Wave Solder Machines

Lead Free Wave Solder Machines

Aqueous Batch Cleaning Systems                     

Label Manufacturing  Systems

Automatic Stencil Cleaner  Systems

Flat Belt Conveyor  Systems

CE3 Electronics offers full board level and system design services. Certification Ratings include ISO 9001:2008,IPC-A-610 (Class I, II and III), 
IPC/WHMA-A-620A (Class I,II and III) and Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate certification (CGD).


Innovation through design, people & technology 


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